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WA BORN 2017

WA BORN 2017 Posted on December 26, 2017Leave a comment

Hey guys,

Before all the festive season is over, I’d like to wish a belated Merry Christmas to my dearest readers. I have been putting off blogging due to hectic schedule but here’s one previous event I am dedicating my time for.

It has been a lil over 3 months since I have attended this event but just a recap to highlight a few of what I absolutely love from the designers.

Detailed knit dress from MKO Designs

Skin collection highlighting her print screened textile and bridal tulle

Funky Ruffle dress from Montika

Thanking Colossoul Group and FoxFeet Collective for the invite, being here to watch emerging designers showcasing their latest collection is truly amazing! Turnout was a success and surrounded by all these lovely creatives in Perth inspired me to start my very own label xx

Since it is also Boxing Day today, I hope I have motivated peers in Perth to shop locally. Don’t forget to go over FoxFeet Collective store to browse through because you don’t want to miss their cool stuff!

Here’s my outfit of the day and a shoutout to this phenomenal pal who encourages the very essence of “dreams never die”.

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