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| Travel Escape – South East Asia |

| Travel Escape – South East Asia | Posted on February 13, 2017Leave a comment

Title says it all.

Approaching the new year can be a bit overwhelming, especially when time flies at a warp speed you just sit there wondering if you’ve achieved any goals you’ve set at all. Or why you’re feeling stuck, unable to get a breakthrough in career, relationships or life. I’m sure we all have our specific goals and no joke, we all procrastinate so much that we put ourselves in a frustration epilogue. You either work too much, fret too much or just lazy. I am a bit of everything *chuckles*

I managed to stay alive this far as the years take me so I’m pretty content. As for goals and priorities, I barely achieved any so I’ve brought it forward as my 2017 goal. One of them is to travel to at least 3 countries. They said, never tell your goals to anyone but hey I kicked off the new year with even more than I expected! Good amount of time to reflect, explore, and learn enough about yourself to piece the missing puzzles together. Overcoming language barrier, coordinating plans with your group who are always at odds with ideas, managing time efficiently.. Nuff’ said!


These are all my stops of my journey.
Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
Thailand – Krabi – Phi Phi Island
Vietnam – Ho Chi Minh
Singapore – Singapore
Indonesia – Bali
Malaysia has been great with food. Cheap and tasty. Though, I never missed the pollution, traffic and dirty environment and the lack of quality customer service towards locals.



Phi Phi Island by far was my favourite place, surrounded by Italians, similar to Bali that’s surrounded by Australians. Magnificent beaches and I’m always indulging the presence furry friends everywhere.




Krabi was a little boring, but the hotel we stayed in was absolutely what we needed. Hot spring to relax and swimming pool to get away from the humidity. Local food was delicious.

Taken at Natta Waree Hot Spring Resort



Ho Chi Minh was a nightmare on the first day. Encountering a near theft and fraud from a taxi driver and also dropping us at unknown places before checking-in to our hotel. Such horror from crossing roads, such a bane to the ears from all the honking, such stress on paying your bills because you don’t get to keep your receipt, so much fraud because you’re a girl and a tourist. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the different culture and their local fashion.




Singapore is just simply amazing. Beautiful places to see. Cheap food. Shopping sanctuary. Efficient public transport. Just my kind of place. Except, they can be rude and sometimes feisty. Been there twice and still haven’t got bored of it.

Bali can be very irritating when locals coming up to you whispering “You want man? / Marijuana / Coccaine / Come buy this / Where you want to go? etc”. They just don’t leave you in peace hey? Enjoyed the sunset and surfing the most. Best sunset? Head to Potato Head for a drink to watch the colours 🙂


There will be many more travels to come so keep up with my Instagram post <3


See ya!

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