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Bespoke Curtin Fashion Graduates Show 2016

Bespoke Curtin Fashion Graduates Show 2016 Posted on December 10, 2016Leave a comment

“Every great design begins with an even better story” – Lorinda Mama
Well said.

Recently, I got to attend Curtin’s fashion show held in Fremantle B Shed on the 4th of December. Lately, I have been attending several fashion shows and launches back to back and absolutely enjoying it. Bespoke was a huge success, showcasing eighteen talented designers that wooed the crowd with their eccentric collection.

Collections on the runway that caught my eyes are Christy Law, Jozina Werny, Jasmine Nielsen, and  Sarah Mah. They had such incredible pieces strutting down the runway, I cannot explain how magnificent it was unless you were physically there to watch the show. It is unfortunate as I could not find any videos but do check out another detailed article written about the event. Click me!

I managed to get at least some quality photos, so check them out.











And of course I’m gonna put some of my self-worthy outfit pictures, wearing jumpsuit from Daphne Wong’s collection. (Tube owned by me)





It’s great that we have more designers coming up, now you just wouldn’t know which one to choose from. Owh gosh, so many options! Coming up next will be on Humm 2016 Contemporary Fashion Graduates held in Spectrum Project Space at Edith Cowan University. So stay tune!

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