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Perth Hair and MakeUp Awards 2016

Perth Hair and MakeUp Awards 2016 Posted on August 14, 2016Leave a comment

Today was the very first event held specially for Hair and Makeup Artist Awards in Perth and it was a huge success! Shelley Meyer, the organiser from Minx Cosmetics Hair & Makeup Agency has shed her every blood, sweat and tears in making it all happen. It’s spot on when Shelley said makeup artist and hair stylist have always been behind the scenes of all editorial articles so at the present time, it’s their turn to shine bright like a diamond. Congratulations to all who stepped up their game in participating and achieving their goals! For those who missed it, too bad!

Event location was great. Spacious for food and stalls to cater make up junkies and provide hair makeover for VIPs. Excellent to have mini round tables to relax and network. If only we had funky music on, it could turn into a dance floor! Well, yes we did have cover music performance for the runway! Chairs are labelled for VIPs, but definitely needed more since it was a huge turnout.
Not only that, prestigious, inspiring speakers like Martha Mok from Martha Mok Makeup Academy and Joanne Banks from Hair Art were present to give tips on what they do that separates them from the norm. They have been in the industry long enough, hence for those emerging artist, never give up!
Countless gorgeous creatives were involved therefore, follow them on Facebook especially Perth Hair and Makeup Artist Awards group and page! I don’t want to sound bias including names here as I may exclude others unintentionally.
Official photographer team involved is Ze Photography Aus. They had two mini photo booths to play around and I had so much fun to do so with Fashion Addicted Panda. Checkout their professional photos!
I shall stop being chitty chatty and post a few (very many) photos! *grin*

Fingers crossed there would be another one next year as those who were left out this year can witness this amazing event and be part of it. That’s a wrap and hope you guys reading this had a fab weekend! Tata!

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