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Trendiest Steals | Red Hues |

Trendiest Steals | Red Hues | Posted on February 6, 20163 Comments

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner but it’s also the Chinese New Year that Malaysians/Singaporeans celebrate lavishly that’s coming up in a few days’ time. Since these two are so close together, this blogpost would be convenient for those who are looking for budget inspos. Red has always been a very strong colour that represents bold, confident and sexual image for women. Not only that, it represents prosperity in the Chinese Feng Shui beliefs. Statistically shown that red is the most attractive colour, even traffic lights has it because it’s the colour of extremes that contains energy.

Personally, I love mahogany red or burgundy. The colour, so deep yet there’s an element of sensuality and seduction. If you’re looking at terms of trying to have red in your wardrobe colour palettes, it’s always safer to choose tertiary red where it is more subtle to the eyes. I have golden olive skin, a typical tanned Asian therefore, I don’t suit red. I would definitely look pretty washed out and pale with bright reds. Hence, I’ve chosen a few of red hues I could do for this coming Valentine’s Day. Family is afar, so I could only wish through social media “Gong Hei Fat Choi! Gong Xi Gong Xi”
Now, let’s begin with NAILS.
You can have a full-on red or an artistic nail art. Doing manicures in a shop means more costs, so level up your skills on manicure which will benefit you in the future.

Moving along to MAKE-UP

Red lips are making a huge comeback from where it was only worn for the evenings. I love chilli red from MAC and Stila has been my favourite lip cream for ages. Creamy and glossy. What more could a girl ask?
This would include the OOTD for red lips.
This is a mixture of three lip colour, and I definitely love the deep violet in between which is visible when you talk. 😉
Outfit match to go with it would be pastels. Otherwise, black is too common.
MAC matte lips. Going simple with the eyes as you want to draw attention to your lips. If not, you’ll look like drag queen. (I’m sorry!)

I added a waist belt to accentuate my waistline, while breaking the colour codes. Pink and red are always a good match if you choose the correct hues. Pinterest is the bible. Look it up! 🙂
I’m loving this SHOE a lot, a limited edition and totally represent the Chinese New Year feeling. Stole it from my sister’s collection 😉
I would always pair this with a loose fitting shirt or with shorts for lazy days especially when the heat is blasting at the moment. Be warned about the heatwaves coming up, and take care! Don’t want to get ill on your special occasion too! XOXO!

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  1. OMG!!!! SOOOOO adorable! Love you post. The crops are so cute and love the lip color! Thank you so much for participating in our first Link up party! I am hoping that they only continue to grow! -xoxo Alexandra Nicole

    1. Me too! If you have any fellow bloggers that you think would be interested, please have them email me at These things take networking to grow big! I am boosting the link up tomorrow on facebook for all of our exposure. Each Link-up will be boosted on Facebook complimentary of me 😉 Paid exposure for everyone who participates! Thanks!

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